At Sparkle Auto, the products and services we deliver are as good as any can get. The knowledge behind them, even better. We always give you our absolute best. Some of the other customers thought you would like to know how we did for them recently. We are human and can make mistakes, too.
How we deal with our mistakes further defines our character.



This is the 3rd one I have ordered and it is a fantastic product! My boyfriend and I have had the Sno Brum for 2 years now with no trouble at all. The last one I bought for my next door neighbor and he loves it too!

Super company to work with, shipping is reasonable and fast! Thanks!



Hello Vic,

The order came in yesterday,it's a lot faster than I had expected.
Everything was carefully packed into plastic bags ans all the products
are now already shining in my detailing closet.

You people know how to run business.It shows that searching for solutions for a client
is one of your assets.

Keep up the good work and thanks a lot to you,your wife and the whole Sparkle crew!

Nico Luypaert




From: Ron H
Subject: Great Doing Business With You !!!

Just wanted to let you know I am a returning customer. I just ordered my summer supply of Liquid Glass & Wash. I remember the thank you card and novelty freebee I received with my first order. I searched the net and found you easily. Some retailers just don't get it, but your business does understand that customer like some sort of acknowledgement for patronizing their business, the least thing "a thank you". I could go to my local auto place and purchase what I ordered from you but 9 times out of 10 would not get a thank you after the sale. You business ethics of politeness and acknowledgement have won me over and I want to support a business that is thankful to have me as a customer. Remember the days when you pulled into a gas station and the attendant ran out and began fueling your car, washing your windows, checked your oil and before you drove off gave you your Eagle Stamps and a thank you come again? (And you knew his name and he knew yours!!!) Oh, that's right, when the oil giants ran the independent gas stations (mom & pop) out of business that's when you stopped hearing the thank you. I have been getting gas at the same place for 7 years, if I run into one of the cash attendants in the grocery store I wouldn't know it ( I pay at the pump never see who I am giving my money too). Let me get off my soap box, keep up the great work!!!


Ron from Florida



Subject: Thank you

Dear Sparkle Auto,

I'm writing to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I ordered an Accu-Gage tire pressure gauge from you. When it arrived, I found that the air leaked back out of it so that it did not maintain the pressure reading long enough to read it. I called you yesterday to report this. You shipped a new one out by overnight FedEx, which arrived today (just 24 hours after I called you), and works perfectly.

What wonderful service! I'll certainly be buying more products from you in the future.

Have a great Holiday,

Gerry Morgan



I placed 2 separate orders through Amazon. You refunded the shipping cost for one order and shipped everything together. PLUS...You sent me Sunflower Cookies. Very cool!! I like you guys. Just wanted to say thanks!!!





I received the 6 Sno-brum's I ordered Wednesday and I just received the second package with the thank-you in it today.  I have to admit that I have NEVER received a gift for ordering anything before without it being an advertised gimmick.  This type of customer relations should make your company a lot of happy customers. 

This shows me that your company would like to have some future business from me.  I will visit your site and I would like a catalog if that is all possible to see if there may be anything else I may need.

Thank-you again
Have a very nice holiday

Kevin Bartus




I often tell people that if you are to maintain the right to complain when things go wrong, you should also be sure to compliment when they go right.

I placed my first order with your company admittedly based on price. You were less than the manufacturer on some car cleaner that is still expensive. The order arrived FAST, and packed right. A sturdy box, plenty of packing. And then your "extras". A personal note thanking me for the business, an air freshener, and cookies! All unexpected. I told my wife that "wow, I really feel good about doing business with these folks".

Thanks again for doing a great job!

Steve Casey
Dallas, TX



We received one the other day with a subject of: One happy cookie-eating customer

To the staff of Sparkle (Vic in particular),

A little background first. I am the personal assistant to a former CEO and his wife. My job is to handle situations that they would rather not deal with, therefore, much of my time is spent listening to voice mail, waiting on hold, dealing with people who neither know their job nor their product. In other words, I am usual fed up and spent before the day even begins.

There is a reason for the intro. More often than not people at the other end of the phone line offer nothing but frustration. Imagine my surprise and delight to deal with Vic, a knowledgeable, affable, and very helpful human...in Kansas no less! My order, 2 garage floor covers and 1 for my new laundry area, was not a challenging request, but still Vic gave me the respect and time I have come to so revere.

In only a few short days the order was delivered to my door. And cookies! Did I mention cookies?! Ohmigod! I can hardly stop eating them and I've been on a low carb diet - "been on." I'm not much of a sweet eater and wasn't so impressed that I would get free cookies. I plan on ordering more and even some as holiday gifts.

It is wonderful to know that in today's hurried and computerized world that humans can and do make all the difference. I have and will recommend this company to others.


Carol J. Dorman
Santa Barbara, CA



I am so impressed!!!! I've ordered products from various sites for the last few years and yours was well packed and protected. A few of us on a Honda prelude website suggest places to order from, yours was on the list.. I compared, found this site to have the best prices with all of the products I needed in one place and found products I will be ordering in the future. The 'Thank You' card was a great touch especially since it has your business card in it (which is also a very good looking) along with the 2nd packing slip and the free air freshener and cookies. I haven't tried the cookies but I've read stuff on the net that they're delicious and addicting.

You guys are doing a fantastic job and I am certainly referring your website on a few I moderate for as well as just post on.

A very happy customer,
Irene Wood



Thanks Vic.....I got the order yesterday. everything ok. boy, you really
pack the products well. I've been plagued in the past with stuff that's sent
and winds up broken in the box.  Thanks for the cookies......I'll definitely
use Sparkle Auto in the future.

Thanks again,
Ken Z.




Thank you for the prompt delivery of the BLT floor covering for the
garage floor - it looks great and just makes the whole area feel clean and
cheerful.  Also, thank you for the gifts - the cookies which are wonderful and the
auto safety kit and the car freshener. They are very much appreciated.  I thank you for a good purchasing experience with Sparkle and be assured
that as our friends see the product, we definitely will tell them about you.

John S Millar



To Vic Freeman and staff,

Thanks very much for my recent order of the Mytee HP100. Your promptness was greatly appreciated. I received it all in excellent shape, no damage in shipping, and more than pleased. I will recommend you to anyone who is considering buying from Sparkle Auto. I have already spread the news around town and some are going to buy from you also. The great communication during the order and while in transit was exceptional. You carry a great selection of products that speak for themselves, but your superior customer service cannot be topped.

Thanks again,
Steve Jones
Asheville, NC


To the folks at SparkleAuto.com,
    I just wanted to thank you for the great service I received after ordering from you folks. I had ordered a cargo organizer and after receiving it, found it to be damaged. I called your company and talked to Vic Freeman and told him about the problem. He told me he would send out a replacement right away. Within a few days, I received the replacement with no problems and I am very happy with my purchase.
    At a time when a lot of companies don't seem to worry about "customer service and satisfaction", your company demonstrates that it is still alive and well. Being a new customer of yours, I want to let you know I will continue to purchase from you folks knowing I can count on the great service you have already provided.
   I most certainly recommend your company to those who are thinking about purchasing from you. I will let my friends and family know about your service and will be looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Again, a big "Thanks" for the great service. With the kind of service you provide, your company should continue to do very well.

Jim Allard
Brandon, Ms


Keith Burris of Lake Isabella, California was our latest winner in our 6 month Prize Drawing. Keith had no idea that he had won our Shop Vac. Ironically, the day before he received it in the mail, his own Sears-brand Shop Vac had quit on him. He tells us he was very pleased and surprised to receive a replacement! Keith also let us know he has always had excellent service with us, and his goods always arrive when he needs them the most!

Thank you soo much. I had such a pleasant experience with my online order. I found a business card inside with Shelly Freeman on it. I ordered some auto magic (awesome gloss and car fragrance) and received a thank you card, delicious cookies (sunflower seed) and a pine tree air freshener. I was disappointed to learn that the automagic line is being closed out. I think they make a great product, but am very grateful for the upgrade from 16oz to 1 gallon. I usually order a driveway kit from claymagic and got this as a supplement. I plan to place all my orders in the future with Sparkle Auto. (you will just have to help me pick equivalent products to what I am used to.) I have not had an opportunity to work on my car yet (bad weather, hurricanes and all) but I can't wait.

Thank you for the great service and quick shipping.

Tom Hinson
Atlanta, GA


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