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Sparkle Auto has thousands of hits and unique visitors per day. Of the visitors, a good deal of them are orders. A great deal of the orders are recurring orders. We offer anyone to chance to ride out the link page. If you have something that You feel our customers may have interest in, give it a try. You can see if our visitors think your product to be something they can use. For reasons to control link relevancy, Sparkle Auto now charges to be listed in our link page. We own the site and pay for search engine marketing. We want 110% satisfaction with our products and links to our customers. We receive many automated link requests per day. These automated links have become more of a nuisance for us. Most of them actually end up hurting a companies search engine positioning. Many times, the party asking for reciprocal links add a link to their site and then ask for reciprocal links. Once their link is added they no longer need our link and remove it. That is not acceptable. Not a fair practice. We cannot review everyones link and reciprocal link on an ongoing basis. We started over on our link page. We all can admit we will not go spend a day reading through hundreds of links on link pages to find something. We have other things to get done. I would not read hundreds of links. You are certainly not going to click on them all. We just want to list a few good relevant links on our page. The search engines do not look upon thousands of random links as a sign of a websites worthiness of a higher ranking. Maybe 5 years ago the more links the better, but not today. Links on the reciprocal site can even inadversely affect our own. Our customer opinions on links will also affect our judgment. We are watching out for our customers, marketing and positioning is all. Sparkle Auto may decide to link to other sites such as manufacturers, vendors, distributors and other such sites with no payment made or reciprocal links. These links are given free of charge due to their business relationships with Sparkle Auto. Charging for links is a small solution we have implemented to control our search engine results. We also find it helps to weed out anyone who does not have a genuine interest in a link exchange. We apologize for any inconveniences. By purchasing a link on Sparkle Auto, you are guaranteed to be listed on our link page for a minimum of 1 year. That is also based on our wanting to have you accepted as a link. After the initial year, Sparkle Auto will review your link. We may decide to keep your link further or remove your link with no reason. If your link is of some benefit, we will surely decide to keep it. Having traffic coming from your link page to ours will also have influence on our decision. Not all links are desirable or have desirable content. Linking to someone selling our own product lines is certainly beneficial that customers can compare our prices and see we are lower or will beat it. The relevance of the link may not be of value though. Should you purchase a link, Your site will be reviewed. Sparkle Auto has the right to refund your link order and not list your site. You are paying for us to review your link submission and see if you are worthy of linking. A good rule for acceptance would be simple questions to yourself. Are you competing with us? Do you offer a reciprocal vale links to benefit us both? Do you have hundereds of links on your link page and do you plan to? You do not have to list the Sparkle Auto reciprocal link on your site as you are paying to be on ours. Your link reciprocation will be looked upon when the annual link expiration comes about. Should you have a reciprocal link, we will keep your site listed. Your site may adversely affect our search engine positioning so we still reserve the right to remove your link. We will not list banners, only text based links that follow our format. The link should be short with a max of about 200 characters. We may change the wording so it flows better. We may place your link anywhere in the link page and may move the link periodically. Most are Alphabetical. Submissions are tracked as purchases from Sparkle Auto. If you are rejected, you get a refund of your $10.00. Links submitted with automatic submission tools will be ignored. We do not review submissions before payment has been made. If you are a serious link partner, you may place your order. By enrolling and furthermore paying to be listed on the link page, you agree to these fees and terms.